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An easy way to explore the celebrated city of Nice and it’s surroundings is through car hire Nice Airport deal. The unbounded freedom that car rental provides for exploring this gorgeous region is not to be underestimated. Cruising through the south of France, you will find beaches,museums, restaurants and much more to enjoy.

7 Seater Car Hire Nice Airport

Going to these attractions is most handy with a car because crowded public transport systems can be exasperating sometimes. Nice provides a uniquely luxurious holiday that few other destinations can offer. The west part has small hills although the east extends to the Mediterranean Sea. Serene Vineyards, quiet villages along with a savvy nightlife awaits you if you drive through the countryside.


The culinary delights that Nice provides is among the metropolitan areas chief attraction. The Cours Saleya marketplace offers fine delicacies, while sipping the Provencal wine is another soothing experience. Overall, Cote d’Azur can be put up as the gastronomic capital of France. Being along the coastline, Nice offers some truly warm and calming beaches to its tourists lined with cosy seaside apartments and hotels. Every February sees a fresh influx of artists and performers for the Nice Festival starting with Mardi Gras and ending with a Jazz gala. With the many fascinating locations to visit and diverse cuisines to taste, you are sure to Love Nice.

Cannes is another charming town close by which is recognized for its annual film gala and sandy beaches. Many French points of interest are littered across this area with small hill passes, the Alps and Pyrenees Mountains. Renting a car makes it simple to appreciate all this beauty at one’s own pace rather than hurrying through.

9 Seater Car Hire Nice Airport

Choose a Car which can very easily accommodate you and your family without being too big. A GPS navigation system aids in traveling without getting lost within this dreamy nation and also assists in saving time.  Traveling to France has probably been on the wish lists of many travel-hungry individuals for a long time. Check out our cheap France offers today.