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Compare 7 seater car hire Croatia rates today with a quick and easy quote. Not big enough? then check out our 9 seater car hire Croatia offers. Traveling to the Adriatic can be both an affordable and fascinating travel encounter as nations like Croatia and Montenegro have gained substantial exposure as tourist hot spots. The recognition of Croatia is because of a mix of eastern and western European culture, stunning Mediterranean beaches and old world charm at an inexpensive rate.

To most travelers, the price of lodging could be one of one of the most essential elements in deciding on a holiday destination and Croatia provides both cost efficient and quality hotels, holiday apartments and hiking amenities. Croatia is a small nation situated in south central Europe known for its picturesque landscape, rolling hills, dense forested mountains and beautiful beaches set along the rocky coastline of the Adriatic sea.


Croatia is very easily available via land, sea or air and any traveler via Europe would be missing a gem of a destination by bypassing this small coastal nation. Croatia is growing as a well-liked location delivering tours to surrounding islands, water sports and hiking with camping amenities for the more adventurous traveler. Contemporary facilities like bars, clubs and a restaurants supplying a mixture of food, wine and entertainment Croatian style can be found all through the bigger cities and smaller towns.

7 Seater Car Hire Croatia

Croatia doesn’t have much motorways and many of the roads had were in a bad situation after the war, however the nation has made excellent efforts to repair them. It is still a work in progress so best to be careful when you’re preparing for your driving excursions. To the east, there’s the essential inland town of OsijekĀ  which is about two hundred and eighty kilometres from Zagreb.

This town saw an awful lot of the fighting throughout the war of independence and many of the buildings still bear the scars. One building in Osijek that did escape harm and is well worth seeing is the Tvra, an eighteenth century Hapsburg fortress. Anybody wishing to discover east Croatia and beyond is certain to pass through Osijek. If you have time you could go to the town of Vukovar that is about an hour away and is a sobering experience concerning the nature of war. The speed limit is one hundred and thirty km/h on motorways and eighty 80 km/h on primary roads and fifty km/h inside towns. Like most of the continent, driving is on the right.

To the west of Zagreb, traveling on the A1 to Bosiljevo and then the A6 towards the coast you are able to find Rijeka which is about one hundred and eighty two km from Zagreb. Rijeka which is the largest seaport within the nation is mostly about trade and transport so isn’t as much of a tourist destination in itself. That being mentioned, there’s nevertheless some things worth seeing if you’re passing through the town such as the Maritime Museum or perhaps the Trsat which is a restored fortress and it has numerous historic churches on site as well.

9 Seater Car Hire Croatia

Mobile Phones are strictly forbidden whilst driving. Croatia has 1,185 islands that are a large part of the country’s appeal. The most well-liked of the islands are Hvar Island, Korcula Island and Mljet Island. Ferries operate to the islands, so bring the car across and explore them at your leisure since the public transport network on the islands isn’t as great as the mainland.

A Croatian holiday can be an inexpensive travel encounter with a wide range of accommodation choices obtainable. Inexpensive accommodation in Croatia is easily accessible depending on your individual requirements. From private vacation apartments to inexpensive good high quality resorts and camping facilities, Croatia has a wide range of lodging options to suit your budget and vacation needs. Croatian resorts match the standards of their western European counterparts as well as budget lodging offering aged world charm with contemporary amenities.

Its advisable to consult a reputable web site to research your accommodation options and arrange appropriate amenities as per your travel needs. A vacation can be a combination of beautiful scenery, great vacation and lodging amenities, foods, wine and people to enrich your travel encounter. Croatia is just this kind of a location offering the discerning traveler a collection of possibilities to match their vacation expectations.