7 Seater Car Hire

Travelling with family or friends can be a challenge especially when using a small capacity car or public transport. 7 Seater car hire may be just what you need. With the additional seats that usually fold down to create some space for additional luggage, you can enjoy a long drive on the road in comfort. 7 Seater cars are packed with the latest technology and combines space style and safety to give you an incredible driving experience.

Some of the features that add up an enjoyable road trip in these cars include innovative road-handling technologies and safety. In the UK, you will find a vast range of people carriers and minivans to hire. Make sure to book car rental services in time and travel in comfort with your whole family or friends.

As a family favorite, these cars not only have room for luggage as most of them come with adjustable seats to create stretching room for tall people to sit in comfort. They are also designed with excellent insulation that makes them extremely quiet on the road, and large rear glass areas to allow clear visibility.

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Driving is further complimented by additional features such as climate control systems and parking sensors. While driving in the city, you don’t need to keep struggling with your side mirrors while parking your car instead you can rely on the parking sensors that ensure a perfect parking position.

You also don’t need to worry about traveling with your kids in the car as children safety seats can be fitted on request. Further, don’t worry about price, all seven seater cars on our website come with a price that suits the category of the vehicle you choose to hire. From the Vauxhall Zafira to Renault Scenic, you can be guaranteed comfort that suits your travel needs. We also offer 8 seater car hire and 9 seater car rental.

Below are the most common models that you are likely to find in Europe and the UK. They include:

1. Skoda Kodiaq

These models are probably the best choice if you are planning to travel a long distance with family and friends. They have a capacity of 7 seats and robust safety features to make your travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable

2. Ford Galaxy

If you are off for a holiday then all you need is this model. It’s big enough to accommodate seven people and has an excellent, smooth performance while on the road.

3. Volvo XC90

Besides comfortably bussing seven individuals, this car model has an impressive interior that belies its cheap rental cost.

4. Audi Q7

Suitable for families planning to tour Europe, they share many features with European automobiles. They offer a smooth journey for all occupants.

Benefits of a 7 Seater Car Hire Lease

  • They have more space than medium-sized cars and offer more comfort while driving for long trips with friends and family
  • They work out really well financially if you are looking to cut some travel expenses
  • They are ideal if you have extra luggage or need to transport a couple of suitcases or sport equipment
  • They offer excellent stability and safety on the road as they are designed to keep drivers and occupants safer with the latest technology; they are equipped with a top of the range parking sensor system
  • Perfect if you are traveling with tall people as some models have adjustable seats to create space for their legs and head
  • They are also the best for drivers who prefer a higher driving position
  • Finally put an end to family arguments where everyone is on top of each other and tempers often flare. When everyone has their own space they are likely to get along far better and enjoy travelling.