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People Carrier Rental – 5,7,8,9,12 Seaters

Are you planning a vacation with a big extended family or group of close friends? We provide People Carrier Hire services in the UK, USA, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and numerous more locations all over the world.

3 things that should be considered first when hiring a people carrier or minibus are – Amount of bags?, Amount of equipment? and of course how many individuals? There is occasionally a temptation when making holiday plans to cut corners as much as possible. Of course for many individuals that temptation is going to be stronger than ever this year due to the economic downturn endured during the last year.

You might be considering what can I get away with? Do I truly require that much room? Could most of the family share? And can I get away with a budget car hire?  – maybe you can. Prepare in advance. Take into account how much luggage and how many passengers you’ll have. Think back to previous trips away. Was there enough room? Was everybody comfy? Were their frayed nerves at times?

Compare 7 Seater Car Hire

Occasionally the number of travelers may be the only point looked at but if you are bringing a lot of items with you on lengthy drives you are going to wish to be comfortable. A 7 seater car rental and a 9 seater are the easiest types of people carriers to find though some locations may have 12 seaters available.  A minivan/minibus may also be a possibility. If you are planning a trip with close friends  then a large car could work out as a low cost option instead of hiring separate smaller cars. Looking for 7 Seater car hire near me used to be a real challenge but with so many options worldwide, there is every chance you can find something local.

There would also be fuel savings to take into account. You will find automatic and manual vehicles to choose from. A roof rack could be an add on option worth considering if not already incorporated. This might be especially helpful if bringing sports items with you.

Renting a car is a popular option all year round so begin searching now regardless of whether it is Rome, Malaga, Dublin, Orlando, London, Majorca, Geneva, Paris, Alicante, London, Faro or anywhere else in the world. The very best prices and widest choice of vehicles can be found by booking well ahead of time.  A Spain rental car deal is an affordable option plus with no shortage of cheap flights and accommodation, Spain can be a great low cost option for a holiday. Its also very reasonable to eat out making for a budget friendly family vacation.


Cheap 9 Seater Car Hire

The majority of individuals can only get away once a year so it is important to make the most of the vacation. Don’t assume that this type of car is out of your spending range. France is another popular location for a holiday. Our France service offers great choice at a low cost.  If you are bringing a big family or group of friends then it just might be worth paying a little extra for comfort and piece of mind.

If you think you can get away with a budget car hire then go for it as you’re likely to know your own scenario best. Remember to reserve your vehicle as early as possible to get the best price. Should you plan on driving a great deal with 4 or 5 passengers you might wish to contemplate getting an additional driver policy if there are other qualified drivers in your party. This can take the strain out of those long drives and allow you more relaxation time. I’m certain many of us have bad memories of family trips where everybody is miserable and squashed together with suitcases crushing your legs and the children complaining non stop.

These cars are cheaper than you may believe. They provide space for everyone to stretch their legs and offer air conditioning for lengthy hot trips. Search for a quote and you might be pleasantly surprised by the excellent value people carrier’s offer.

Family Holiday Car Rental

Sometimes family holidays can be a logistical headache particularly when extended families enter the fray  – I think we have all seen Home Alone. A great deal of organization goes into making certain every thing runs smoothly. It takes a cool sensible head to be in charge of things and tick all of the boxes before setting off on holiday. It is inevitable that everybody may have their personal quirks and eccentricities. Trying to please everybody is really a losing game so it’s essential to let any criticism simply wash off.

These vehicles are available in various sizes and work out at a very sensible cost especially when looked at as a per head cost. They are accessible at all major airports and the very best offers can be found by booking a couple of months in advance of your  departure date. In places such as Orlando you can avail of 12 and 15 seater car hire. Compare costs in order to get the best deal.

Cars which are currently popular with our customers include the:

  • Renault Grand Scenic
  • SEAT Alhambra
  • Citroen C4 Picasso
  • Ford Galaxy
  • Volkswagen Toura